Investment climate

This graph shows the total inflation for each year. Inflation is at a safe level and minimizes the risks for investors.
Using this chart, we can easily see the cost of lending at both the interbank and consumer levels. Low interest rates indicate that borrowing is affordable for all market players.
Current investment climate is:
This graph shows the value of GDP for each year at current prices. The graph clearly shows annual GDP growth, exception is 2009-2011 effected by global economic crisis.
This graph indicates population growth. Although the growth is relatively small, it provides an increase of demand, which is a positive factor while the growth of the economy.
On this chart we see that the Czech krona (CZK) is a fairly stable currency
The result of the constant growth of the economics is the growth of the average salary, which has a positive effect on the purchasing power of the population, which we see on this chart.
With the help of this graph, we can see that the Czech economy is not burdened with debts, respectively, the load on providing debt coverage is reduced compared with other countries.
This graph indicates that the demand for labor is growing, which ensures economic growth.
This chart indicates number of started and completed appartment constructions in Prague.
11 thousands of new appartments should be constructed every year in Prague to meet real estate market demand, according to leading specialists from Deloitte.
Coverage includes all types of owner occupied new and existing dwellings in the whole country. The series is deflated using CPI.