non-commercial real estate in Czech Republic

Which investments will be the most popular in the Czech Republic during 2020?

The important growth and diversification experienced by the Czech economy during these last years have attracted the attention of local and foreign investors, who are interested in engaging in different types of trade in the country.

One kind of investment which has been fairly popular during these last years, and is expected to continue to be an attractive option during 2020, corresponds to commercial and non-commercial real estate, which has experienced a sharp increase in prices during recent periods.

However, this is not at all the only option to get involved with. As the Czech Republic has a reputable tradition in many industries and is developing and growing in others.

The aerospace industry is one that has been present in the country since the dawn of aviation, and where investors are encouraged to get involved. Important multinational companies have established local branches in the Czech Republic, such as Safran, Honeywell or GE Aviation, making this country a hub for research and for sharing knowledge and experiences.

The Czech automotive industry is recognized all over the world because of its high quality. It generates almost 10% of the country’s GDP, and also takes 33% of all R&D investments made in this territory. All of this combined with the fact that 9 technical universities graduate more than 20.000 new skilled workers every year, means that this is also a great place where to invest in this country during 2020.

Other industries with highly skilled workers, and where the Czech Republic is one of the leaders in the world are applied nanotechnology and advanced materials. For example, one-third of all-electron microscopes produced worldwide come from this country. Investing here can be a great option when considering that setting up a nanotechnology R&D centre here can cost 60% less than in other places such a Germany or the USA. In conclusion, the Czech Republic can be considered a country capable of offering great investment opportunities. They can be in more traditional sectors such as real estate, but also in industries with a lot of added value, potential for growth, and a highly-skilled workforce, such as the automotive, advanced materials, life sciences or the aerospace sector, where is possible to find close cooperation between the industry and the academia.

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